Best Tourist Attraction In Indonesia For Your Next Itinerary

For a country as huge as Indonesia, no doubt that you will discover somethings that is more than mesmerizing surrounding. Jakarta can be your first stop as Indonesia best tourist attraction to enjoy fine restaurants, street foods, malls, and more. It is not easy to navigate Jakarta, however, if you plan your visit properly, it is not really a matter. Spend some time in Kepulauan Seribu for more peaceful environment.

If not all, most travelers agree that Komodo island is one best tourist attraction travelers should visit next time they explore the country. The beaches will bewitch you with its beauty. Wildlife in there is another reason why the said island is worth mentioning. Be careful with the giant lizard or Komodo despite it becomes your another reason why visiting the island.

Bali is your next spot for best tourist attraction most travelers around the world already knew. Kuta is affordable option to spend your time in Bali, however, if you prefer quieter beach, its neighbor Legian is for you. Small villages in Bali is interesting place to visit as well. Don’t skip marine park and monkey forest while visiting the island of God. Mount Bromo in East Java is best alternative travel destination for the scenic surroundings.

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